Phil Rosentrater serves as the GeneralManager/Executive Director for the Salton Sea Authority. The Salton Sea Authority (SSA) is a Joint Powers Authority created in 1993 to oversee the revitalization of California’s largest inland Sea. The SSA is comprised of two counties, two large water agencies and a tribal sovereign nation: Riverside and Imperial Counties, Imperial Irrigation District, Coachella Valley Water District and Torres Martinez Tribe.

Before assuming the GM responsibilities at SSA, Phil split his time with other duties at Riverside CountyEconomic Development Agency in addition to providing advocacy support for SSA. Phil also provided direction for EDA Divisions of Aviation (five regional airports), Office of Foreign Trade, EnergyDivision (Water and Power), Economic Development, Office of Film&Television, Business Solutions, and EDAMarketing.

Phil’s primary charge is nowintensely focused on revitalizing the Salton Sea before massive water transfers deliver a series of environmental and economic shock waves to this region.

Phil currently serves on the Board of Directors for Cal Desal and on the Energy Committee for ACWA. He also serves as a representative to ACWA Region 9 Board ofDirectors for ACWA Region 9, covering Imperial, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Previously, Phil has served on the state legislative committees for the Groundwater ResourcesAssociation (GRA), Association ofCaliforniaWaterAgencies, (ACWA), California Special Districts Association (CSDA), and California Association of SanitationAgencies (CASA). In addition, Phil earned

a reputation as an effective defender of ratepayers and taxpayers in his service on the Legislative Task Force

for the Southern CaliforniaWater Committee. Phil serves on the Colorado River Task force for the SCWC. He is a founder of the California Groundwater Coalition (CGC) and served on its legislative committee plus the Association ofGroundWater Agencies (AGWA).

As Chairman of the ACWA Outreach Committee for three years, Phil was responsible for building strong interagency alliances needed to deal with the most serious challenges facing water communities across California.












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